Brooklyn born, Dani Schuller has turned her efforts to become environmentally conscious to an art form. “There is much beauty to be found in every day objects that we normally throw away”, says Dani. She takes joy in watching people try to figure out the origin of her materials. In her collage, Sea Glass (2015), the fragments are merely plastic yogurt cups, and metal take-out containers, among other recyclables. However, they have been cut down and assembled in a way that causes them to reflect light, and shimmer like glass as the viewer observes them.

Dani started her art career as a painter, using the canvas as a way to explore and understand color relationships. Her paintings resemble abstract color wheels which delight in their vibrancy and whimsical nature.

Most recently, Dani is making glass art incorporating her love of color and form to fuse, cold work and slump glass into functional pieces and sculptures.